The 13th SANIX Cup International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament 2015

Time Period
Saturday 21st November to Monday 23rd November (National Holiday), 2015
Japan/ Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Sport/Programme Category
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Sanix Sports Promotion Foundation, Global Arena Co., Ltd.
Fukuoka Prefecture Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
750 people

Sanix's basic philosophy is to use sports to develop healthy young people and spread and improve competitive skills, and to hold various international sports tournaments in the spirit of international and intercultural exchange. This was the 13th Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Tournament and saw the participation of 92 teams, including six teams from Australia, Bulgaria, The Republic of Korea, Malaysia, and Turkey, as well as 86 domestic teams. The athlete's village is located within the tournament venue, so athletes are able to communicate, share and understand each other's cultures as they not only compete with one another, but also live together.

During the period, in addition to the hosting of a competitive tournament, the Bulgaria Levski Rhythmic Gymnastics club visited primary schools and took part in exchanges such as a demonstration of skills, introduction to rhythmic gymnastics, and an introduction to Japanese culture. An athletes' exchange meeting was also held in which athletes were able to enjoy dancing together, exchange souvenirs, and also have an introduction to the Japanese dance of Yosakoi. The social gathering for referees and coaches was an opportunity for instructors to exchange information. In an exhibition performance after the tournament, the Levski Rhythmic Gymnastics Club demonstrated the world's highest level of skills and expressiveness. This was followed by a Rhythmic Gymnastics Seminar. On the final day of their stay in Japan, the overseas teams were given an experience of Japanese culture and society through visits to sites such as the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine.

Reflections of the PCYC Elegance (Australia) Coach

Feedback from :

Thank you for your fantastic tournament management at the Sanix Cup. You made us feel welcome right from the first email contact until the end of the event. Of all the tournaments I've taken part in so far, I enjoyed this one the most. I rated this tournament highly, and will recommend it to the Australian Gymnastics Association and other teams. I'm looking forward to returning to take part in the Sanix Cup again.

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