【ASIA】2015 neighbouring Asian countries youth sports leaders’ training project

Time Period
November 4 (Wed.) – 11 (Wed.), 2015 - 8 days
Japan (Tokyo / Yamanashi Prefectures)
Sport/Programme Category
Provision of a training program
Japan Sports Association
Recipient Organisation
China: All China Sports Federation
Korea: Korean Olympic Committee
HongKong: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong
Chinese Taipei: Chinese Taipei Sports Federation
Philippines: Philippine Olympic Committee
Vietnam: Vietnam Olympic Committee
Laos: Ministry of Education and Sports Lao PDR
Thailand: Thai Sports Office
Myanmar: Myanmar Olympic Committee
Malaysia: Malaysia Olympic Committee
Singapore: Singapore Olympic Committee
Brunei: Brunei Olympic Committee
Indonesia: State Ministry of Youth and Sport
Cambodia: Cambodia Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
Yamanashi Sports Association
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
26 people

To promote youth sports in the Asian region, the Japan Sports Association accepted 26 youth sports leaders involved in sports activities from neighbouring Asian countries/regions and conducted inspection and training for youth sports activities, etc. in our country.

During the current year and the 25th such initiative, a lecture was conducted centring on ‘Establishment of a Sports Agency and new sports administration’ by the Sports Agency inaugurated last October as well as an overview of the businesses in which the association is engaged. Moreover, the local training program conducted in Yamanashi prefecture involved visiting a total of four local general sports clubs/boy scouts in Fuji-Yoshida and Fuefuki cities to inspect the circumstances of sports activities in Japan and deepen the relationship with local children and seniors through sports.

Feedback from :

・We want to leverage the knowledge we obtained through this training project to develop youth grassroots sports in local communities. (From a Bruneian participant) ・It was a good opportunity to interact with those who participate in sports from other countries, share various information on sports policies and drive new business development. (From a Korean participant)

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【ASIA】2015 neighbouring Asian countries youth sports leaders’ training project2
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