【Zambia】JUMONJI For Your Smile Project

Time Period
Republic of Zambia
Sport/Programme Category
Equipment donations
Recipient Organisation
National Organisation for Women in Sport,
Physical Activity and Recreation(NOWSPAR)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
2000 person

Jumonji Women’s University’s college sports center went through NOWSPAR, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to empower women, to donate sports equipment, educational material, stationery products and toys to the people of Zambia.

 In Zambia, especially at NOWSPAR, in regions where the project is active, it has proven economically difficult to acquire enough educational materials and sports equipment. The truth is that there are fewer economic opportunities for females, who are on a lower status than males. NOWSPAR is making efforts to help females confront this problem by using sports as a tool. Jumonji Women’s University is supporting this movement by donating equipment.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Until now, when people thought about participating in sports, they would have to wait until someone lent them the equipment. But now, they can participate in sports whenever they want to. Donations are used as prizes when sports competitions are held. We deeply thank everyone from Jumonji University.

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