【South Korea】Promotion of Baton Twirling in South Korea #2

Time Period
25th to 27th May, 2018
South Korea
Sport/Programme Category
Baton Twirling
Baton Twirling Association of Japan
Recipient Organisation
Korea Baton Twirling Federation
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
30 person

The president Noriko Sugiura and a Director Sachiko Ishikura of BTAJ was invited by the President Kim Jeonghee of Korea Baton Twirling Federation to promote technique of baton twirling, training and certifying coaches in South Korea from 25th to 27th May, 2018.

This particular invitation program will become a model case of promoting baton twirling throughout Asian countries. For many years, coaches of KBTF have been diligently learning baton twirling, and BTAJ has been supporting them by sending instructors to the country for several times. For this occasion, Korean 30 coaches had attended for the workshop and the certification examination. All participants have successfully passed the 3rd level Coaching Certificate of BTAJ. On the last day, both associations had conducted the signing and exchanging of the Letter of Declaration.
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