【ASEAN】Swimming clinics for ASEAN countries

14 Aug. 2017
Japan Swimming Federation (Main host)
Ministry of Sports
Rikkyo Educational Corporation
17 people

We conducted a swimming clinic on “Swim Day” (14 Aug.) at Rikkyo Gakuin School Paul Rusch Athletic Center Indoor Heated Pool for participants from ASEAN countries.
This project is a collaborative project with the “ Swimming For all - Swimming For Life” program of FINA and was the clinic was held as a part of international contribution efforts through swimming (its main focus is swimming promotional activities to prevent water accidents from happening).

17 people (aged 1-53) from 9 different countries including Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia participated the program.
It was a 90 min. program consisting both lecture-style learning and practice in water.
In the lecture, topics such as “why swim?” “the characteristics of water” and “the characteristics of swimming” were covered to give the participants the basic concepts and understanding of around swimming.

In the practice in water, we divided the whole group into two classes depending on individuals’ swimming abilities and provided technical hands-on tuition. Both the lecture and the practice parts are provided bilingually, in English and Japanese and the participants groups included a wide variety of people some hardly speak Japanese and some having no experience of getting swimming lesson.
It was a truly a global event.

Feedback from :

After the clinic, the participants commented the following; “It’s was a lot of fun.” “I would like to participate again.” It was received very well by them.

【ASEAN】Swimming clinics for ASEAN countries1
【ASEAN】Swimming clinics for ASEAN countries2
【ASEAN】Swimming clinics for ASEAN countries3
【ASEAN】Swimming clinics for ASEAN countries4