【Zambia】Japan-Zambia Handball Exchange Project

17th Aug to 17th Sep, 2018
Japan Handball Association
Secretariat Japan-Zambia Handball Exchange Project
Zambia Handball Association
24 people

A training camp to prepare for the Africa tournament was held. Twenty-four members of the Zambia Handball U20 team were taught basic tactics, defense, and offense formations. Also, during the project, instructors of handball in Zambia were gathered and a meeting was held. The instructors went over player training and collaborated on techniques.

Yuta Yoshimura, a full-time coach who belongs to the Japan Handball Association, came to Zambia and held a meeting (an improvement camp) to improve the techniques of the top players in that country. He also held a technique workshop for the instructors working on player development and training. The aim was to raise the technique level in the country by instructing the coaches who work with the schools or at the grassroots level. Because Zambia NF could not raise funds to cover participant registration or the cost of travel, unfortunately the plan for an Africa tournament had to be abandoned, so this project contributed greatly to efforts to improve player motivation.

Nathan GRACIOUS Lupiya
Zambia U20 Assistant Coach

Feedback from Local Contacts :

It was a very precious experience for the Zambia Handball world to have Coach Yoshimura come from Japan. It was a great contribution not only to the Zambia handball team but also to the each teammate. We have never had an experience like this where a single coach got involved with our team and with various individuals. We learned a lot from Coach Yoshimura. By repeating things in practice, we enjoyed a sense of accomplishment. He is an amazing instructor.

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