【USA, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore】International Exchange through Youth Baseball

Apr. 2013 to Mar. 2014
Japan, USA, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore
International Boys Nankyu Baseball Association Japan (IB.A-boys)
Chinese Baseball Association
St.Louis Boys Baseball Association
Chinese Taipei Student Baseball Federation
Brazilian Baseball and Softball Federation
Philippine Tot Baseball Foundation
Victorian Baseball Association Inc
1,600 people
1. Dispatch of players to international games and international exchange:
Approximately 400 athletes, officers, and parents participated in the 2015 overseas expedition (April 2015 to March 2016).

2. World Boys' Baseball Tournament in Japan:
From overseas, eight teams from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Chinese Taipei, Peru, the Philippines, and Singapore participated in the event. Athletes stayed in traditional Japanese homes and participated in exchange games and watching professional baseball games.
We have repeated cultural exchanges with boys and girls through friendly matches and homestays.
Before being dispatched, Japanese children prepare for international communication by learning English. I teach and exchange information about Japanese baseball techniques and rules.

The number of beneficiaries in the world championships and overseas expeditions (FY2015) is about 1,600, and is broken down as follows:
July 29-August 11, St. Louis, USA, 48 people
August 3-8, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 37 people
August 14-August 21, Taiwan, Yuhu Island, 41 people
August 12-19, Sydney, Australia, 14 people
October 9-13, Singapore, 14 people
December 18-28, Jagi City and Taoyuan City, Taiwan, 147 people (including parents),
March 25-March 30, Chiayi City, Taiwan, 10 people
March 26-31, Chiayi City and Tainan and Taichung, Taiwan, 18 people,
March 26-April 3, Melbourne, Australia, 54 people,
March 28-April 4, 21 people

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comment from Mr. Masateru Fumino, Chairman of the Argentine Japanese Baseball Association:
Argentine baseball-loving boys are working hard on their daily practice and participating in the World Championships every time. We also hope that boys and girls will learn Japanese culture through baseball, spread their knowledge, and grow. All the children who participated in the tournament are expected to become good young people and play an active role. I am grateful to all the Japanese people for their support. The generation of children playing baseball has also become the third generation, and they communicate in Spanish instead of Japanese. The children are looking forward to playing baseball in Japan and are working hard on Saturday and Sunday practice. We hope that you will continue the tournament in the future.

【USA, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore】International Exchange through Youth Baseball1
【USA, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore】International Exchange through Youth Baseball2
【USA, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore】International Exchange through Youth Baseball3
【USA, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore】International Exchange through Youth Baseball4
【USA, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore】International Exchange through Youth Baseball5