【Myanmar/Thailand】International grassroots activities ‘Heartful Football in Asia’ (Myanmar &Thailand)’

9 August, 2015 (Sun.) to 15 August, 2015 (Sat.)
Myanmar (Yangon), Thailand (Chiang Mai)
Urawa Red Diamonds Ltd.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Sponsorship: Lawmakers to create a school for the children of Asia, Sport for Tomorrow consortium
410 people (3 elementary schools and 1 orphanage)

Taking the opportunity of participation in the Asia Champions League (ACL) in 2007, we have visited local elementary schools in 25 countries/regions and 37 cities in total, mainly in Asia and continued activities under the “develop mind” theme. Last year we visited elementary schools and orphanages in Bhutan and on this occasion, Myanmar and Thailand. Using football as a vehicle, we conveyed the fun of sports and fostered interaction of hearts and minds with children.

In the developing country Myanmar, we visited an elementary school built for children who cannot go to school. While in Thailand, as well as an orphanage, we visited an elementary school in a remote rural area, which took us five hours to reach.We practice the three principles of the Urawa Reds Heartful Club, “Heartfelt Consideration”, “Trusting Heart” and “Come What May, Giving our All”, in lectures and practical training.Children who kicked a football for the first time, and those less good at sports also enjoyed it, with smiles galore.

Feedback from :

■ We greatly appreciate how you conveyed the joy of sports to children in a developing country, Myanmar, through football. (Koji Maruyama, Embassy of Japan in Myanmar) ■ I was moved by the principles of the Heartful Club and also extremely touched that you realised the principles. (Aoki, Consul General of the Consulate-General of Japan in Chiang Mai, Thailand) ■ I would like to express my gratitude at being able to gain considerable insight into sports and enjoy a pleasant time for children living in poverty, in this remote region which takes five hours to reach from Chiang Mai. At the same time, I call on Buddhism's Three Jewels and the whole spirit of the world, and pray for a good omen for you all, so that you will be satisfied with happiness and peace and all your wishes will come true. (Principal of elementary school)

【Myanmar/Thailand】International grassroots activities ‘Heartful Football in Asia’ (Myanmar &Thailand)’1
【Myanmar/Thailand】International grassroots activities ‘Heartful Football in Asia’ (Myanmar &Thailand)’2
【Myanmar/Thailand】International grassroots activities ‘Heartful Football in Asia’ (Myanmar &Thailand)’3
【Myanmar/Thailand】International grassroots activities ‘Heartful Football in Asia’ (Myanmar &Thailand)’4
【Myanmar/Thailand】International grassroots activities ‘Heartful Football in Asia’ (Myanmar &Thailand)’5