【Singapore】International Pathway Program

Time Period
4 to 10 January, 2016
Sport/Programme Category

From 4 to 10 January, at the Singapore Sports School (SSP), a national junior high school in Singapore which specializes in sports, the Japan Sport Council (JSC) held the International Pathway Program for ten selected U13 members of the Japan Badminton Association, providing them with various international experiences and opportunities to compete with global rivals.

In this project, joint practice with the 30 students from SSP, physical fitness tests and other sports science programs was held, as well as allowing the JSC members to participate in classes and activities at SSP. The program was held to provide the players with new experiences with different badminton playing styles from those of Japan and different cultures, and to cultivate the “internationalization essential to athletes”. In addition, a staff meeting between JSC and SSP staff was held, where information was shared along with debating which issues and efforts are necessary for the training pathways of athletes.
In order to train athletes to compete on a global stage, international training and competitions, along with their social experiences from the junior ages are essential. JSC will be in cooperation with sports associations and regions, committing to the development of training programs in foreign countries.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

In today’s globalized high performance sports, cooperating with international sports institutions and effectively using each other’s resources and know-how are becoming essential. Since the Japanese players have very high skills and concentration, this project has become a very valuable opportunity for them.

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