NSSU Coach Developer Academy

Time Period
Short-term program: First session: From 9 to 20 February, 2015, Second session: From 14 to 20 September, 2015/From 15 to 19 February, 2016 International Symposium: First session: 20 February, 2015, Second session: 20 September, 2015 Public sessions: ① 9 February, 2015, ②19 February, 2015
Tokyo/Setagaya Campus of Nippon Sport Science University, Japan
Sport/Programme Category
Development of instructors of coaches
Nippon Sport Science University
International Council for Coaching Excellence(ICCE)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Short-term program: First session: 6 (including one Japanese participant), Second session: Development program: 18, Advancement program: 3 (21 Total (3 Japanese)) Number of people coached by participants using the skills they learned in the programs after returning to their countries: 1489 (as of 20 December, 2015, reported by seven participants) International Symposium: First session: 185, Second session: 89 Public session: ① 38, ② 28

The NSSU Coach Developer Academy (NCDA) is run by the Nippon Sport Science University as a Japan Sports Agency commissioned project, “Sports Academy Development Project”. It was established to develop practitioners of coaching development and help form and establish an international network, conduct short-term programs, and conduct international symposiums related to coach development along with public sessions for those in charge of developing coaches in International/domestic Sports Federations, national coaching organizations, higher education institutions, etc.

This program, aiming to for professional human resource development who can lead international coach development, provides a mixed style learning opportunity comprising of residential training/face-to-face practical learning, before-and-after online learning and skill practice in respective organizations. Six people from six countries in 2014 and 21 people from 17 countries in 2015 participated. It was a meaningful opportunity to have the trainers who led the development of coaches from different countries and organizations learning from each other. After having gone back to their countries, the participants utilize the skills they learned in the NCDA programs to develop coaches and instructors for coaches in their own countries and organizations. Additionally, in accordance with the program’s implementation, an international symposium and public sessions concerning the development of coaches was held and interesting discussions on coaching ensued.

Feedback from Participant :

・The NCDA program is crucial for all sports organizations. Although we have worked on developing coaching for the benefit of training atheletes, we have not sufficiently worked on expanding the coach education program to support the training of coaches themselves. The NCDA program provides everything an organization needs in this field.
・NCDA brought us a global perspective concerning coach development and education. Not only was the program content innovative and practical, in sharing passion with others in the field of the coach development from around the world, I was able to establish strong connections.

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