【Myanmar】JAMP Homemade Sports Festival

Time Period
3 January, 2016
Ayeyarwady Region, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Sport/Programme Category
Japanese style sports festival / ball-toss game, tug of war, long rope jumping, relay race, three person four legged race, Shwe Sun Nyo (a traditional Myanmar style game)
The Nippon Foundation, Public Utility Foundation
Recipient Organisation
Sankin high school
Japan-Myanmar student exchange organization JAMP
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
650people (spectators: 400)

The Nippon Foundation used funds from the sponsor Yanmar and other Myanmar companies in Japan, along with the cooperation of a Japan-Myanmar student exchange organization, JAMP and held a community based sports festival at Sankin High School, located in the Ayeyarwady Region of Myanmar, encouraging students, teachers and villagers to gain an interest for sports, solidarity and mutual understanding, as well as boosting interest in Japan.

For the sports festival, Japanese style management methods, “Radio Calisthenics”, along with other Japanese events were taken in tandem with Myanmar’s traditional events in order to enhance mutual understanding between Japan and Myanmar. Students actively challenged themselves by participating in Japanese events for the first time with smiles. During the tug of war, teachers, villagers and others participated as well, showing even greater enhancement of the atmosphere. Sports gear and materials used in the activities were donated to the school. We are expecting students, teachers and villagers’ further interactions through sports, as well as higher interests in Japan.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

I appreciate the high school students, teachers, the Nippon Foundation and the university students from Japan and Myanmar, along with everyone that has been involved in this sports festival. The students had a wonderful time. Through this sports festival, the relationship between Japan and Myanmar will be even better.

【Myanmar】JAMP Homemade Sports Festival1
【Myanmar】JAMP Homemade Sports Festival2
【Myanmar】JAMP Homemade Sports Festival3
【Myanmar】JAMP Homemade Sports Festival4