【Malaysia】Asian Softball Clinic

Time Period
December 14, 2016
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Softball Association
Softball Confederation Asia
Softball Association of Malaysia
Number of Individual Beneficiaries

In order to contribute to international society and to achieve a healthy upbringing of young adults through the spread and promotion of softball in Asia, a softball clinic led by three Japanese coaches, two of which are Olympians, was held in Kuala Lumpur by the Softball Association of Malaysia.

At this clinic, 78 junior players and coaches from all over Malaysia and from the neighboring Singapore gathered in order to participate in practical training that included catching, pitching, and batting practice, and in classroom learning regarding team-building, mental preparation, and the like. Also, sporting equipment such as bats, gloves, and balls were provided, and the event ended successfully with the participants promising to continue practicing.

Vice President of the Softball Confederation Asia and President of the Softball Association of Malaysia SEE KOK WOOI

Feedback from Local Contacts :

I would like to thank you for hosting this softball clinic. I was extremely impressed by the coaching and support that we received from Japan, and we have further expectations in regards to JSA being the heart of softball in Asia. I would indeed be thankful if more clinics were held within Malaysia, or at tournaments hosted by various countries in Asia.

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