【Cambodia】Donation of Goal Balls

Time Period
9th Jun. to 4th Jul., 2018
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Japan Goalball Association
Recipient Organisation
National Olympic Committee of Cambodia
NPO Hearts Of Gold
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
12 people
The Japan Goalball Association and the Japan Sport Council cooperated to hold a workshop in March 2017 to introduce goalball in Cambodia, where goalball has not yet been introduced. Goalball has been provided to the national team.

Thanks to the support from Japan, a goalball team was formed in Cambodia, and the goalball team participated in the ASEAN Paragammes held in Malaysia in September 2017 for the first time. the team participated in the goalball tournament held in Thailand.

The team practiced every week, but as a result, three of the four balls provided at the workshop were damaged. Goalball is expensive and is difficult to maintain balls because it is not sold in Cambodia. We received a request from Cambodia for new goalball, and the Japan Goalball Association decided to donate balls. The transportation to Cambodia was supported by the Heart of Gold, an NPO that supports school physical education and sports for people with disabilities in Cambodia.

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Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comments from Ms. Sok Sophia, Goalball team coach, and coordinator:
It is difficult to get a ball for goalball in Cambodia, so I am very happy for the support. My dream is to create goalball teams in multiple prefectures and special schools for the visually impaired. We will do our best to popularize goalball in Cambodia.

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