【Thailand】Ayutthaya “Kizuna” EKIDEN in 2017

Time Period
12th Mar., 2017
Sport/Programme Category
The Mainichi Newspapers
RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corp.
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
2,500 people
The Mainichi Newspapers co-sponsored an EKIDEN competition with the Thai government to commemorate the 130th anniversary of Japan and Thailand on March 12, 2017.

EKIDEN is held as a national event to strengthen the friendship between the two countries. "EKIDEN", is a sport based on Japan's unique culture, where individuals contribute to the team. Mr. Kop Khan, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, also participated.
At the signal of the start of Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Tanasak, runners started the course on the Ayutthaya Historical Park and archaeological site circuit course in the world heritage city of Ayutthaya.
A total of 1740 people from 435 teams, 4 people from a mixed Thai and Japanese team ran about 3km each for a total of about 12km.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Participant :

Comments from participants: Mr. Co-op Khan, Minister of Tourism and Sports: I ran for the eternal friendship between the two countries. Comment from Mr. Terui, who finished in the reference record because he participated in the Kanto Student Union while running at the top of the section in the 10th ward of Hakone EKIDEN:
It was short, but I enjoyed running. I would like to participate again if I have the opportunity.
Comment from Mr. Chung Ladder, studying Japanese at Siam University:
He handed the TASUKI to Mr. Terui and said in Japanese, "I wanted to hand the TASUKI to Mr. Terui and ran hard."

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