【Kenya】Table Tennis Program for Girls (Preliminary Survey)

Time Period
16th to 20th Feb., 2016
Nairobi, Kenya
Sport/Programme Category
Table tennis
Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies (TIAS)
Mathare Youth Sport Association (MYSA)
Kenya Table Tennis Association (KTTA)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
130 people
Tsukuba International Sports Academy (TIAS) collaborates with Mathare Youth Sport Association (MYSA) and Kenya Table Tennis Association (KTTA), which are active in the Mathare district in Nairobi, Kenya, to form a table tennis program for girls. We conducted a preliminary survey and a table tennis experience event.

We conducted hearings in response to a request from MYSA staff to engage in sports activities in which girls can participate. Interviews with MYSA staff, community library staff, teachers, parents of students, girls in the Mathare area, and participatory discussions by youth leaders identified local challenges and how to implement appropriate activities.
It has become clear that there are various challenges in four areas: quality of life (QOL), employment opportunities, education, and reproductive health. In order to implement the table tennis program as an approach to these issues, TIAS will continue to cooperate with MYSA and KTTA research surveys, monitoring, and evaluation.

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【Kenya】Table Tennis Program for Girls (Preliminary Survey)1
【Kenya】Table Tennis Program for Girls (Preliminary Survey)2
【Kenya】Table Tennis Program for Girls (Preliminary Survey)3
【Kenya】Table Tennis Program for Girls (Preliminary Survey)4