【Laos】The 1st Sports Instructor Training Course for People with Disabilities

Time Period
11th to 17th Feb., 2016
Vientiane, Laos
Sport/Programme Category
Wheelchair basketball, Goalball, Athletics, Takkyu volleyball, Balloon volleyball, Flying disc
Asian Development with the Disabled Persons (ADDP)
Recipient Organisation
Ministry of Education and Sports, Lao PDR
National Paralympic Committee of Laos
Lao Disabled People's Association
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
50 people
In Laos, parasports are considered as an effective empowerment tool to promote social independence and inclusion of persons with disabilities into the general public. Training of parasports leaders is indispensable for promoting parasports both at grassroots and competition levels. In Japan, the Parasports Instructor Training Program exists as an official instructor training system, and over the years, this system has produced many sports instructors for the disabled, and the number currently exceeds 20,000. Through instructors, many people with disabilities encounter the joy of sports and grow as competitive athletes. We will introduce the Japanese system in Laos, build a new certification system in Laos, and promote sports for persons with disabilities from the grassroots.

A 7-day instructor training course was held with the aim of building capacity for each prefectural office of the Ministry of Education and Sports, which serves as a window for the spread of para sports and improving coaching skills for parasports instructors. Thirty-two potential leaders, including the eight prefectures in Laos, participated.
We invited a parasports instructor training expert as a facilitator from the social welfare corporation, Japan Sun Industries. Participants learned the significance of para sports, the practice of promoting sports for each disability in Japan, the mechanism of training sports leaders for the disabled in Japan, and the outline of the national sports competition for the disabled. Participants also learned the concept of universal sports and deepened their knowledge through teaching and practice the importance of mutual understanding in which the power of sports creates an inclusive society.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

-I was in charge of sports for the disabled, but I had no idea how to introduce and teach sports to people with disabilities. Through the practice of instructors, I learned how sports can invigorate and motivate people with disabilities. (Participant from Saiyaburi Province)
-Japan has a long history of supporting sports for the disabled, and I learned a lot from its development. I have been involved in parasports (goalball) as a coach. I was able to re-learn what the significance of sports is for people with disabilities, how to increase the joy and motivation of sports for athletes with disabilities, and how to become a good leader from the perspective of people with disabilities. (Participant from Vientiane)

【Laos】The 1st Sports Instructor Training Course for People with Disabilities1
【Laos】The 1st Sports Instructor Training Course for People with Disabilities2
【Laos】The 1st Sports Instructor Training Course for People with Disabilities3
【Laos】The 1st Sports Instructor Training Course for People with Disabilities4
【Laos】The 1st Sports Instructor Training Course for People with Disabilities5
【Laos】The 1st Sports Instructor Training Course for People with Disabilities6