【Thailand】World-Class Pathway to Podium Seminar in Bangkok

Time Period
9th and 10th Jun., 2016
Bangkok, Thailand
Sport/Programme Category
Athlete Pathway
Japan Sport Council
Recipient Organisation
Sports Authority Thailand (SAT)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
150 people
The World-class Pathway to Podium Seminar, which was developed by the Japan Sport Council's strategic support project for athlete paths, is an academic theory and practical training for those who are interested in the athlete training pathway and talent discovery and training. It is an educational program consisting of various workshops.

The seminar was held in Bangkok for a day and a half for NF (domestic sports organization) coaches, athletes, and university sports science researchers. He explained the importance and ideal way of building a system for the Japanese athlete training pathway. We also provided information on the theory of athlete training pathways in Japan and overseas and advanced cases and demonstrated measurement for talent excavation. The aim was for each country to proactively develop projects and programs based on these ideas and frameworks.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

It was a very meaningful opportunity and we were able to discuss the future of Thai sports.

【Thailand】World-Class Pathway to Podium Seminar in Bangkok1
【Thailand】World-Class Pathway to Podium Seminar in Bangkok2