【India】“Undokai (Japanese-style Sports Day) World Caravan” Project

Time Period
15-21 Apr. 2017
Sport/Programme Category
Undokai (Japanese-style Sports Day)
Japan Sports Communications (NPO)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
2,900 people (all Indian)

As the first chapter of “Undokai World Caravan” to promote Japanese great sports culture of Undokai, we organized and conducted Undokai (Japanese-style Sports Day) in two integrated middle-high schools in India, Kids participated were enjoying the Japanese-style sports event throughout the day.

In total, 2900 students between the age of 12-18 participated in Undokai.

It was more than 40 degree Celsius outside, but they enjoyed the very Japanese-style sports day to the fullest doing “Odama-Okuri (rolling huge balls)”, “O-nawatobi (Big rope jump), “Beach Flag” “Tsunahiki (tug-of-war)” and “Relay”.
In the closing ceremony, many cultural exchanges between Japan and India happened such as having national anthem of both countries, Japan-team’s traditional festival dancing (Tokyo-Ondo) and Indian’s students traditional Indian dancing, along with having a greeting from Ambassador Hiramatsu of Japan.

Feedback from Participant :

Head master of Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2- Delhi Cantt, Mr. Kukkaru:
“It was wonderful. I was really happy to see students enjoying to take a part in all these different games and I thought this is very good for their physical health. I would love to have this every year.”.

A girl from Grade 6 answered with big smile showing full-satisfaction;
“(The big rope jump) was very difficult so we could not do it at all at the beginning. But at the end, we could with everyone in the circle. I wanted to do more.”

【India】“Undokai (Japanese-style Sports Day) World Caravan” Project1
【India】“Undokai (Japanese-style Sports Day) World Caravan” Project2
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