【Thailand】U14 ASEAN Dream Football Tournament 2015

Time Period
20th–25th December, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand
Sport/Programme Category
The Under 14s ASEAN Dream Football Tournament Executive Committee
The Thai Premier League, etc.
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Under 14s from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan (600 children)

The organisation was established by Masao Kiba, the former captain of Gamba Osaka, to promote activities to encourage the emergence of South East Asian J-League players. Activities in ASEAN nations have continued since 2012, and have been widely praised by many of the local parties involved.

The Under 14s ASEAN Dream Football Tournament 2015 is the second to be held, and saw participation from ASEAN and Japanese under 14s teams. The aim of the tournaments is to strengthen and promote international exchange. The JDFA also participated as a member of the Tournament's Executive Committee, and in relation to the purpose of the activity to encourage the emergence of South-East Asian J-League players, studies abroad at J-League club academies are also planned for selected outstanding players from ASEAN teams participating in the tournament.

Member of staff from a participating Japanese team

Feedback from :

Despite the discomfort from the intense heat of over 36° and super spicy Thai food to which we were unaccustomed, I feel that the daily studies encouraged strong development. Staff like myself also had many experiences between the pre-departure preparations and getting players into a good condition until the game day, and we will fully utilise those experiences when teaching in the future. We are very grateful for having been provided such an opportunity.

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