【Thailand】SFT program utilising J.League Asia Challenge

Time Period
January 23 to 26, 2017
Bangkok, Thailand
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Sport Council
Recipient Organisation
Premier League of Thailand
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
8,031 people

Taking the opportunity of the “J.League Asia Challenge in Thailand” held on the 130th anniversary of the Japan-Thai friendship, a sports international exchange program including SFT promotion activities and football clinics for local elementary and junior high school students was carried out at the convention venue in collaboration with J.League.

In the SFT promotion activities, a message banner reading “Football as a bridge for international exchange” was put up by participating players, and SFT was disseminated widely through the audience and the media of the stadium. In the games, students of a deaf school and a girls' protection facility were invited and entered the stadium with the players as escort kids. In addition, a clinic was held by Yasuhiro Hato, the Ambassador of Yokohama F. Marinos, aimed at improving the skills of local elementary and junior high school students and deepening exchanges with Japanese coaches.

Benjamin Tan, Deputy CEO of Premier League of Thailand

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Football is very popular in Thailand, and it was a very valuable opportunity for us to be able to hold this tournament on the 130th anniversary year of the Thai-Japan friendship and to be able to widely promote exchange through Thai/Japanese football. Thank you very much.

【Thailand】SFT program utilising J.League Asia Challenge1
【Thailand】SFT program utilising J.League Asia Challenge2
【Thailand】SFT program utilising J.League Asia Challenge3
【Thailand】SFT program utilising J.League Asia Challenge4
【Thailand】SFT program utilising J.League Asia Challenge5