【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 3rd Cebu Grand Olympics

Time Period
August 15 to 22, 2016
Cebu City, Philippines
Sport/Programme Category
Sport for Kids Japan
Recipient Organisation
NPO Seven Spirit
NPO Seven Spirit
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
80 people (breakdown:80 people in the Philippines)

A sports festival was held for children living in slums where it is difficult to receive education. Japanese college students aiming to become physical education teachers or sports instructors organized and operated the event. Sports day rehearsals and the final event were held over four days. The children, aged 5 to 15, experienced enjoyment, joy and a feeling of freedom thanks to the sports activities.

This project is aimed at supporting sports in developing countries. We are particularly interested in developing life skills through sports activities. We hope that as a result of holding these sports days, the children will enjoy exercise and sports, learn the importance of communicating and cooperating with the people around them, and increase thinking and judgment skills.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

The implementation of the sports day has had a great effect on nurturing life skills for children who have less opportunities to move their bodies in their local school education and less opportunities for everyone to tackle something together. Also, because Japanese university students actually saw local children, the fact that it was a sports day made from scratch based on what they felt made it a great experience for both the children and the college students. We would like to continue to hold these sports days in the future.

【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 3rd Cebu Grand Olympics1
【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 3rd Cebu Grand Olympics2
【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 3rd Cebu Grand Olympics3
【Philippines】Run! Jump! Learn! The 3rd Cebu Grand Olympics4