Kodokan Mid-Winter Training Session

Time Period
January 7-16, 2015
Tokyo, Japan
Sport/Programme Category
Kodokan Judo Institute
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
41, from 15 countries (Argentina, Switzerland, USA, Canada, France, Brazil, Romania, Germany, UK, Australia, New Caledonia, Netherlands, The Bahamas, Italy, Norway)

The mid-winter training session at Kodokan is an annual tradition. The training goes on for ten days, and is held before sunrise for two hours—from 5:30 to 7:30 am. Over 200 participants from Japan and overseas took part, training rigorously each day in the Main Dojo amid the harsh cold.

41 overseas participants from 15 different countries attended. Taking part in the mid-winter training, a traditional event with a long history, gives participants the chance to come into contact with Japanese culture, as well as helping forge not only physical skill, but also the mental strength to master the self

Feedback from :

Mr. Mark Pickering (Participant from the UK)
At first it was tough, and my whole body ached, but by the second half I was enjoying the training. I think the mid-winter training session is ideal for both physical and mental training. People of all ages can take part in judo, both men and women, and I think that it has high educational value and is something that can really make a difference in society.

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