【Tanzania/Kenya】Tanzania Baseball Promotion Project

December 2014
Tanzania - Dar es Salaam / Kenya - Prefecture of Meru
Japan Sport Council - an incorporated administrative agency
Association for Friends of African Baseball - a publicly certified NPO

Promote the benefits of baseball in Tanzania and support improving the playing environment. Provide support through such events as the Tanzania national high school baseball tournament, "Sport for Tomorrow Cup," and assist and support the national team for the U-18 World Cup Africa qualifier which was held in Kenya.

Six teams from across Tanzania participated in the "Sport for Tomorrow Cup" to select 18 athletes to represent the country. In the W-Cup Africa qualifier, they took third place. Many competitors voiced their desire to, "become the champion of Africa and go to Japan for the international competition."

Shinya Tomonari - representing the Association for Friends of African Baseball - a publicly certified NPO

Feedback from :

Baseball is a sport that teaches discipline, teamwork, and respect for your opponents. It has a variety of qualities that is nurturing for children. Thanks to Sports for Tomorrow, we have created opportunities for kids to really enjoy and play baseball, and I’m most grateful.

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Photo by Takashi Iwamoto