【Brazil】Japanese Instructors Dispatch to Improve Junior Athletes Skills Project

November 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017
Brazil, others
Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Bureau of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Preparation)局)
Foreign affairs department of each city
Tokyo Sport Benefits Corporation
Judo Federation of Tokyo
200 people

This project was implemented from 2014 with the aim of contributing toward improving the skills of junior athletes and instructors by dispatching instructors of sports in which Japan is superior in the world such as judo to overseas cities.

1) Introduced the 'history of judo' in a PowerPoint presentation, explained about good use of energy and the spirit of mutual prosperity for oneself and others (2) Taught about manners, passive practical skills and human education of judo (3) Introduced practical instruction and exercise methods for standing techniques, grappling techniques, and ‘ashibarai’ tripping techniques.

Feedback from Participant :

The number of instructors who understand the basic spirit of judo is decreasing, and we received lectures on basic spirit and instruction on basic actions such as manners and passivity which were easy to understand. I want to tell local students all about what I was taught this time.

【Brazil】Japanese Instructors Dispatch to Improve Junior Athletes Skills Project1
【Brazil】Japanese Instructors Dispatch to Improve Junior Athletes Skills Project2