【Bhutan/Nepal】Bhutan・Nepal Athlete Support Project/
JICS NGO Support Projects

April 7th ~14th,2016
Bhutan・ Nepal
Track & Field, volleyball
Bhutan: Bhutan Olympic committee, Bhutan Athletics Association, Bhutan Volleyball Confederation
Nepal:Nepal Olympic committee,Nepal Athletics Association
JICS NGO Support Projects
96 people(Bhutan:25 Athletes ,3 Trainers, Total 28 people/Nepal: 60 Athletes, 8 Traners, Total 68 people)

ATHLETE SOCIETY utilized NGO support programs by JICS(Japan International Cooperate System), and dispatched Tamesue Dai, who was the one the top track and field’s athletes in Japan, to both Bhutan and Nepal, and also Asahi Kentaro, who was a valleyball player, to Bhutan. In order to promote future Olympic athletes in both countries, Japanese players carried out a sports instruction to the national-level athletes and their coachers.

Even though athletes in Bhutan and Nepal have a high motivation in enhancing sports performance, there is still a lack of coaches at the top level and poor understanding of sports within the two countries. By dispatching Japan’s top-level athletes, Athlete Society gave instructions for the both countries’ top-level athletes and coaches about effective warm up exercises, fundamental and practical performance skills practices. Furthermore, they were also able to give them clear goals and ideal images to be achieved throughout this activity. In addition to this, Athlete Society provided a conference for two countries’ Olympic Committees and Athletics Federations and promised to establish continuous and cooperative relationships.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Nepal Olympic Committee:
I am so grateful to have Tamasue’s instruction since there was no national level fields and track athletes and coaches in Nepal. I am looking forward to continuing our good relationships.
Bhutan Olympic Committee:
Instructions were great incentives not only for the athletes but their coaches as well. Moreover, I am so delightful by the visit of a famous Japanese volleyball player, Mr. Assahi. This event made us to broaden the category of athletic sports.

【Bhutan/Nepal】Bhutan・Nepal Athlete Support Project/</br>JICS NGO Support Projects1
【Bhutan/Nepal】Bhutan・Nepal Athlete Support Project/</br>JICS NGO Support Projects2
【Bhutan/Nepal】Bhutan・Nepal Athlete Support Project/</br>JICS NGO Support Projects3
【Bhutan/Nepal】Bhutan・Nepal Athlete Support Project/</br>JICS NGO Support Projects4