【Colombia】Badminton Coach, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers

1st Jul., 2017 to 20th Sep., 2018
Quindio Province, Colombia
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 
National Vocational Training Agency Quindio Regional Bureau
Approx. 500 people
The coach taught badminton in a physical education class to students who did not major in sports nor have ever played badminton. Classes are held once a week, and although the target ages of students vary, approximately 500 students were trained on practical skills.

In order to spread the appeal of badminton to non-sports students in a limited amount of time, the coach used PowerPoint to explain the rules of the game. At the beginning of the coach’s assignment, there were only a few rackets available, so the coach focused on activities that concentrated on touching and hitting the rackets rather than technical skills. As it is a new sport, the students were very interested in joining.

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Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comments from Mr. Carlos Vargas, the Physical education teacher at a local school:
Badminton is not yet a major sport in Latin America and many people do not know it. I believe that the lessons from experienced badminton players were a very good experience. We will continue to introduce badminton classes.

【Colombia】Badminton Coach, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers1
【Colombia】Badminton Coach, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers2