【Tanzania】Introduction of UNDOKAI by JICA volunteer

19th Aug., 2017
Songea, Tanzania
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Member: Sho Izaki (Physical Education)
Songea Boys Secondary School
700 people
On August 19, 2017, the first UNDOKAI was held for teachers and students at Songgea Boys Secondary School. There was anxiety and tension, but with the great help of the students and colleagues, it was an event that could give them various experiences.

The competition event was similarly conducted as in Japan. However, competition equipment was not available in Tanzania. For the balls in the ball case, we rolled up paper and wrapped it in garbage bags, and used a bucket as a basket for the ball case, and used a tree branch as a relay bat.
JICA volunteers were frustrated with the students because of the disorganization of management and increasing anxiety as many students said, "they do not want to do UNDOKAI."
However, the students of the baseball club gave instructions to the other students, and we were able to finish all the events as planned. Through this experience, the volunteers were able to learn that they aren’t able to do anything on their own. The volunteers are very grateful to the baseball club students as they maneuvered the sport event to accomplish their goal. This year, the volunteers are planning three UNDOKAIs: only for schools, competition between schools, and competition within the region. They want to make it a success this year and share the fun with more young people in Tanzania.

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Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comments from Mr. Nasoro (counterpart):>br/> It was a great event. I'm glad that the students also seemed to have fun. I think that the competition between schools scheduled to be held this year will be even better than last year if we can go to various schools to teach competitions and create a system where we can practice on our own.

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