The 3rd World Sports Festival in Sapporo

10th Oct., 2016
Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan
Kimball Sports, Floorball, Capoeira
Sapporo Sport Association
Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation
The Sapporo Sport Association holds a World Sports Festival for local citizens, JICA trainees, and international students in the city to experience world sports while engaging in international exchange.
Many people participate every year because they can experience sports that they do not usually experience and they can exchange internationally through sports.
This was the third edition of the event, and although foreign nationals did not participate, many children enjoyed sports originating from overseas that they cannot usually experience.
The event venue, Sapporo International Sports Hall, is adjacent to JICA Hokkaido and is a place for interaction with foreigners.
We have been exchanging sports such as ice skating with foreigners.

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The 3rd World Sports Festival in Sapporo1
The 3rd World Sports Festival in Sapporo2
The 3rd World Sports Festival in Sapporo3