【Malaysia】Development of Radio Taiso Exercises

24th to 27th Aug., 2016
Radio Taiso
Japan Sport Council
Japan Radio-taiso Federation
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
Ministry of Youth and Sports (Malaysia)
Puay Chai 2 primary school
Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
1,820 people
We introduced radio taiso exercises at a sporting event hosted by the Malaysian government. Malaysia has designated the second Saturday of October as National Sports Day and is working to promote sports and exercise. We introduced radio taiso exercises at the related event "Fit Malaysia". We also visited local primary schools, universities, NGOs, and Japanese companies to introduce and give lessons on radio exercises.

Participants had a hard time even one movement to move the parts that they do not move on a daily basis. Participants expressed admiration for the flexible and snappy movements of the three instructors, Mr. Shinichi Nagano, Ms. Risa Ono, and Ms. Ai Harakawa. After visiting several organizations, the instructor responded flexibly to the situation, from children to the elderly, people with disabilities, and people with or without experience in radio exercise. As a result, all participants were able to learn radio exercises while having fun and staying focused until the end.

At the large-scale event "Fit Malaysia" with 10,000 participants, everyone participated in the first radio taiso exercise while counting numbers in English together. The Minister of Youth and Sports of Malaysia expressed his gratitude in Japanese, saying "Welcome" and "Thank you".
I would like to continue communicating with Malaysian people and follow the expansion of radio taiso exercises.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Participant :

Comment from Mr. Shogo Tsukada, Factory Manager of OHTA PRECISION (M) SDN. BHD.:
I was able to learn the correct movements after knowing the meaning and efficacy of each movement in the radio exercise. Some of the employees were experienced and inexperienced, but we were able to learn the basics together and get together.

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