【Kenya】SFT Outreach in Kenya

13th and 14th Mar., 2016
Malindi, Kenya
Football, Volleyball, Education
Japan Sport Council
Malindi Child Protection Centre
Football teams in Malindi
Japan Volleyball Association
Japan Anti-Doping Agency
200 people
The Japan Sport Council held three classes for children in Malindi, a city facing the Indian Ocean in Kenya, including a volleyball tournament, a soccer tournament and a class on the value of sports. Volleyball tournaments and lessons on the value of sports were held at a children's facility in Malindi, and soccer tournaments were held in collaboration with local residents with the participation of local teams.

With the cooperation of SFTC member organizations, the Japan Volleyball Association donated volleyballs, the NPO Salon 2002 donated soccer balls and uniforms (used at high schools in Tokyo), and educational materials were donated by Japan Anti-Doping Agency. Children's facilities are short of equipment and cannot usually play enough sports. The children who participated in the volleyball tournament and the children who supported them enjoyed it together.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comments from the Children's Facility Manager:
By playing sports, children can not only move and refresh themselves but also learn many things such as cooperating and acknowledging each other. Thanks to the support of the Japanese people, the motivation of the staff has increased. I want to continue to use what I received this time.

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