【Maldives】Support for Female Junior Badminton Players

21st Nov. to 19th Dec., 2016
Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba and Ibaraki, Japan
Nippon Badminton Association
Japan Educator's Badminton Federation
High Schools in Chiba and Saitama
Keio University
University of Tsukuba
Odawara Badminton Association
3 people
As part of the activities of the Nippon Badminton Association, the All Japan Badminton Association has invited two female junior representatives from the Maldives Badminton Association and one coach. It was held to share the value of sports and support the Maldives aiming to participate in the 2020 Games.
1. Courtesy call to Nippon Badminton Association and All Japan Badminton Association
2. Visit the All Japan Badminton Championships
3. Training and school education experience at Saitama Prefectural Koshigaya Minami High School (short-term study abroad)
4. Training at Saitama Sakae High School and interaction with students
5. Training and school education experience at Seibudai Chiba High School (short-term study abroad)
6. Training at the University of Tsukuba and interaction with students
7. Training at Keio University and interaction with students
8. Training and personal exchange at the Odawara Badminton Association
9. International exchange through homestay in Saitama, Kanagawa, and Chiba

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Feedback from Participant :

Comments from Musa Nashid, President of Maldives Badminton Association:
Continuing from 2016, with the support of Japan, we were able to successfully complete the improvement of the technical skills of the Maldives Badminton Association Women's Junior National Team, short-term study abroad in high school, and homestay. In particular, the experience of Japanese life and culture through homestay was a very meaningful experience for the human growth of young athletes. I would like to continue the development of badminton in the Maldives and exchanges with Japan. Thank you very much.

【Maldives】Support for Female Junior Badminton Players1
【Maldives】Support for Female Junior Badminton Players2
【Maldives】Support for Female Junior Badminton Players3
【Maldives】Support for Female Junior Badminton Players4
【Maldives】Support for Female Junior Badminton Players5