【Thailand】Noh Poe Refugee Camp Football Festival in 2017

20th Jun., 2017
Noh Poe Refugee Camp, Thailand
Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA)
Noh Poe Refugee Camp
Noh Poe Refugee Camp Committee
Right To Play
Embassy of Japan in Thailand
Japan Professional Football League
The Japan Foundation Bangkok Japan Cultural Center
170 people
A football festival was held at the Thai border Noh Poe refugee camp. Former professional football player Mr. Shinnosuke Honda was invited to participate in the "World Refugee Day" ceremony on June 20th set by the United Nations, read picture books, exchange meetings, soccer classes, and exchange games.

At the "World Refugee Day" ceremony, speeches by Mr. Honda, Minister Omura (Embassy of Japan in Thailand), and other representatives, as well as songs and traditional dances by children were performed.
As an exchange event at the library, we delivered a message from refugee-born professional football player Crew Hee. Mr. Honda had a story-telling of picture books and a dialogue with the children. We held football classes in the youth and children's clubs, and also held exchange games for adults.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Organize :

Comments from Mr. Shinnosuke Honda:
We united with NGOs, embassies, and everyone to make it a children's event. Since the children live in a difficult environment, I would like to convey teamwork through soccer. I want to continue next year and beyond.
Comments from Youth Division Participant Blue Dawso (21 years old):
By playing soccer, you can meet more people and make more friends. It's also good to have to learn to help each other and work with others.

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