【Ethiopia/Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers】
Efforts to implement UNDOKAI in Ethiopia

1 October, 2015
Bahar Dar, Dangla and Finote Selam of Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) JOCV:YASUNARI KURINO(Physical Education)
Students in the 5/6th grade of Dilchibo Elementary School, Dangla Elementary School and Bakal Elementary School
Amhara Region Sports Committee, Amhara Region Board of Education
Approximately 1,000 people

This project was launched to provide children with opportunities for high-quality physical education and in the three areas where JICA volunteers were dispatched, practice was undertaken daily to conduct the “Undokai”, as a Japanese traditional sport event.

We work with local teachers to produce physical education lessons that develop sportsmanship in children to underpin their education in order to give them a “zest for living”.
Additionally, we also help improve the coaching technique of physical education teachers and coordinate matters between the Sport Committee and Board of Education, so that people in Northern Ethiopia can recognize the value of physical education through this project.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

I understand the value of physical education. I’m all for teaching physical education more than anything else. Thank you very much for your support in lessons and teaching us coaching techniques. I know that Japanese education style is great and I would love to cooperate.

【Ethiopia/Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers】 </br>Efforts to implement UNDOKAI in Ethiopia1
【Ethiopia/Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers】 </br>Efforts to implement UNDOKAI in Ethiopia2
【Ethiopia/Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers】 </br>Efforts to implement UNDOKAI in Ethiopia3