【South Sudan】Donating volleyballs to South Sudan

Time Period
Apr. 2017
South Sudan
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Volleyball Association
Recipient Organisation
South Sudan Volleyball Federation
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
10000 people (all South Sudanian)

JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL and Japan Volleyball Association collaborated to donated various volleyball gears including 1000 volleyballs to South Sudan Volleyball association.

This donation came about by the request made by the head of South Sudan Volleyball Federation Secretariat to Japan Volleyball Association back in Nov. 2015 upon his visiting Japan.

We have made this donation to support the mission of South Sudan Volleyball Association “To promote activities bringing peace of the nation and integration of citizens of the state through volleyball”.

The volleyball gears (1000 volleyballs, ball baskets, nets, shoes and wears etc.) delivered to South Sudan Volleyball Federation are things that the global contribution program “Volley Ball Bank” of Japan Volleyball Association voluntarily gathered from around Japan.

JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL helped transporting those goods to South Sudan Volleyball Association.

South Sudan Volleyball Association’s plan is to use those balls in holding a national tournament. They will gather teams from regional states and their hope is to improve players performances and enhance mutual understanding and interaction among players coming from different cultural background/value and ethnicities.
【South Sudan】Donating volleyballs to South Sudan1
【South Sudan】Donating volleyballs to South Sudan2
【South Sudan】Donating volleyballs to South Sudan3
【South Sudan】Donating volleyballs to South Sudan4