【Sri Lanka】Athlete Coach Support Project

Time Period
13th and 14th Mar., 2018
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sport/Programme Category
Athletics sprint
Athlete Society
Recipient Organisation
National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka
Ministry of Youth & Sports in Sri Lanka
Athletics Association of Sri Lanka
Non Profit Organization APCAS
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
30 people
The Athletes Society, with the cooperation of the specified non-profit corporation Apcas, the Sri Lanka Athletics Federation, the Sri Lanka Olympic Committee, and the Ministry of Sports of Sri Lanka, organized athletic training support activities mainly for sprinters and coaches for 2 days. They visited the Olympic Committee to discuss future collaboration possibilities.

Since it was raining on the morning of the first day, the organizers arranged a practice drill in the gymnasium. In the afternoon, the participants trained using hurdles on the ground.
On the second day, the coaches focused on speed training on the field from 6:30 in the early morning. It was impressive that many athletes were enthusiastic about practicing, and many athletes asked for guidance individually (checking their form and starting position) even after the overall practice was over.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

Few coaches in Sri Lanka can coach athletes at the Olympic level, and I am grateful for the coaching experience that will enable the coaches to coach professionally. I would be grateful if I could have similar opportunities regularly for the Tokyo Olympics and in the future.

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Soko Aoki, Secretary General of Athlete Society