【Kenya】Barefoot Running Camp

Time Period
From Oct., 2016
Nyahururu, Kenya
Sport/Programme Category
Athletics (long-distance running)
Japan Barefoot Running Association
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
401 people
While many track and field athletes in Kenya have high potential, the number of athletes suffering from injuries has increased in recent years. Many athletes do not have sufficient access to food in their daily lives.
To improve the situation, we held a training camp (accommodation was also provided) to train barefoot and train strong athletes who will not get injured in a self-sufficient life.

In addition to daily training, barefoot training and movement training to prevent injuries were added to acquire high-quality running. We aim to educate the athletes on how to live a self-sufficient life that is close to 100% by raising livestock and growing vegetables and fruits.
On the other hand, necessary expenses such as overseas expeditions and uniforms were also required. The goal is to create a system in which athletes cover expedition expenses while supporting general runners, and when athletes play an active part in overseas races, the prize money is passed on to them.

To spread the goodness of running barefoot, we will hold barefoot races officially approved by the Kenya Association of Athletics Federations to raise awareness. It has already been held twice, and the performance when running barefoot has improved and the recognition has definitely increased.

See below for the Japanese version.

【Kenya】Barefoot Running Camp1
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