【Bhutan】Donate Table Tennis Equipment to Bhutan

Time Period
Jun. to Sep., 2016
Thimphu, Bhutan
Sport/Programme Category
Table tennis
World Table Tennis
Recipient Organisation
Bhutan Table Tennis Federation
Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers “Smile for All in the World” programme
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
50 people
Ms. Fumika Miura, who was dispatched to Bhutan as a JICA volunteer, introduced the situation of table tennis in Bhutan in the magazine "Monthly Table Tennis Kingdom".
Because it was difficult to obtain new equipment, we asked for donations in a magazine. We requested donators to send table tennis equipment to Bhutan's table tennis members. We have gathered a lot of table tennis equipment that was donated by our readers and shipped them to Bhutan. The people of Bhutan were pleased with the Japanese table tennis equipment.
We have sent a thank-you note from the Bhutanese Table Tennis Federation and photos from the field to the readers who cooperated.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Organizer :

I will never forget the surprised faces and smiles of the players when they opened the box containing the equipment.

【Bhutan】Donate Table Tennis Equipment to Bhutan1
【Bhutan】Donate Table Tennis Equipment to Bhutan2
【Bhutan】Donate Table Tennis Equipment to Bhutan3
【Bhutan】Donate Table Tennis Equipment to Bhutan4

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