【Ghana】UNDOKAI with Children in Ghana

Time Period
10th to 18th Mar., 2017
Akosombo, Ghana
Sport/Programme Category
HIS Co., Ltd.
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
200 people
There are many NGOs and NPOs in Japan, and their activities are diverse. Many organizations hold study tours where students can visit the site and observe the activities. This makes a lot of sense to publicize the activities to as many people as possible. Seeing the actual site should be a motivation to participate and a good opportunity to unite in groups. We are helping to connect people with tours that make use of the network we have cultivated so far.

We launched a collaborative project with NGO "Enije", which is engaged in independence support activities in Akosombo, Ghana allowing them to observe and participate in independence support activities. During the school tour, participants taught Japanese songs and dances in class and had cultural exchange interactions with the children. The four participants and Mr. David Yano, the representative of Enije, also participated in UNDOKAI and interacted with the children.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Organizer :

Comments from Mr. David Yano, Representative of Enije:
We held the first charity event based on Enije's basic philosophy of "making the price you enjoyed a charity" in April 2007. True support is not about giving, but about developing self-esteem. Participants learned that the more successful experiences they have, the more sustainable and authentic they become. We will build a fun and patient partnership with the local people.

【Ghana】UNDOKAI with Children in Ghana1
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