【Netherlands】Introducing Radio Taiso at “AnimeCon 2017” in Hague

Time Period
9th to 11th Jun., 2017
The Hague, The Netherlands
Sport/Programme Category
Radio Taiso
Manga Artists Network Inc.
The Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Preparation
NPO Japan Manga Anime Tokiwaso Forum
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
5,000 people
We set up a booth at Animecon, the largest anime and culture event in the Netherlands, and promoted Sport for Tomorrow and radio exercise in the Akiba Cup booth. The total number of visitors to the event was 30,000.

During the Akiba Cup on the special stage and in the spare time, the SFT video was screened, and 100 leaflets were distributed in the Akiba Cup booth. Especially when the Akiba Cup was held, about 5,000 spectators gathered and saw a lot of people watching the video being screened.

See below for the Japanese version.
【Netherlands】Introducing Radio Taiso at “AnimeCon 2017” in Hague1
【Netherlands】Introducing Radio Taiso at “AnimeCon 2017” in Hague2
【Netherlands】Introducing Radio Taiso at “AnimeCon 2017” in Hague3