【Malawi】UNDOKAI held in Malawi

Time Period
12th Sep., 2016
Kasungu, Malawi
Sport/Programme Category
University of Tsukuba (Japan Malawi Student Group)
Recipient Organisation
Kasungu Kapirimnyanga F.P. School
Embassy of Japan in Malawi
Embassy of the Republic of Malawi in Japan
Ministry of Education, Malawi
Kasungu Kapirimnyanga F.P. School
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
160 people
The Japan Malawi Student Group traveled to Malawi under the theme of "Awareness and Sharing" and held UNDOKAI at Kapirimnyanga F.P, School in Kasungu.
We want Malawi children to get to know the Japanese culture of UNDOKAI, not only to enjoy the competition itself but also to get new insights by coming into contact with the culture of other countries.

At UNDOKAI, radio calisthenics was used for preparatory exercises as one of the Japanese cultures. UNDOKAI was successful by carrying out a three-legged race, a ball case, and (ONE FOR ALL) (ALL FOR ONE) with the cooperation of elementary school teachers. The children actively participated in the competition, and even the children who could not participate due to the limited number of people cheered from the surroundings, which was a great experience.

See below for the Japanese version.
【Malawi】UNDOKAI held in Malawi1
【Malawi】UNDOKAI held in Malawi2
【Malawi】UNDOKAI held in Malawi3
【Malawi】UNDOKAI held in Malawi4