【Senegal】UNDOKAI in Senegal, JICA Volunteer Report

Time Period
25th May., 2017
Thies, Senegal
Sport/Programme Category
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Member: Toru Sasabe (Primary school education)
Recipient Organisation
El Hadji A.M.Thiam Primary School
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Approx. 1,000 people
The first large-scale UNDOKAI in Senegal was held on May 5 at the elementary school attached to the Teacher Training Center in Thies, central Senegal, led by JICA volunteers. In cooperation with local Senegalese teachers, games like tug of war, ball throwing, horse fighting, Soran Bushi Gymnastics (a Japanese song and dance routine), etc. were carried out, which are all quite popular in Japan.

For about a month, the students practiced competitions and presentations in physical education classes and created UNDOKAI equipment in arts and crafts classes.
In cooperation with local Senegalese teachers, games such as ball case (1st grade), obstacle race (2nd grade), tug of war (3rd grade), the eye of typhoon (4th grade), horse fight (5th and 6th grade), Soran Bushi Gymnastics (6th grade) and relay (selection) were held.
Throughout the preparation period, the students learned the importance of working with goals, cooperation, and discipline, and gained a sense of accomplishment through the activities.

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