【Malawi】Support for UNDOKAI in Africa

Time Period
11th Nov., 2016
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Sport Council
Japan Overseas Cooperative Association (JOCA)
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
4,124 people
This is the third "UNDOKAI" implementation project in the Republic of Malawi since 2015. The Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers Association (JOCA) supported the joint holding of UNDOKAI by four primary schools in the capital city of Lilongwe.

The teaching skills of local teachers were enhanced year by year, and the operation was smooth. It was wonderful to see the children enjoying UNDOKAI while helping each other. This project was also conducted as a teacher training program so that local teachers can carry out UNDOKAI on their own. Twenty-eight local faculty members set up and operated the venue.
Radio Taiso, sprinting, 3 people and 4-legged race, basin carrying competitions as well as tug of war was conducted. The tug of war event was a close contest, and the audience cheered on in unison and excitement.

At the request of the Japanese Embassy in Malawi, the Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology also attended the event and said, "I look forward to a continuous athletic meet in Malawi."

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Feedback from Local Contacts :

-I realized that UNDOKAI is a very useful sport for raising children.
-I am grateful for the opportunity to play sports other than soccer and netball.
-I want you to hold UNDOKAI every year.
-It was a lot of fun and I wanted to participate in more competitions.
-I was happy to beat the teachers in a tug of war.

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