【Chile】Physical Education and Volleyball Promotion Activities in Chile

Time Period
4th to 12th Mar., 2018
Chile (Osorno, Valdivia, Chic Ajante, Santiago)
Sport/Programme Category
Colegio san mateo de osono
Universidad Austral de Chile
Club Deportivo Tomodachi
Escuela Balmaceda Saavedra
Complejo Deportivo Integral San Ramon
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
700 people
Strength lessons were held in Chile to share the joy of volleyball with children in junior high, high school, and leaders from Osorno, Bardivia, and Santiago.
About 100 visitors in chile came to the gymnasiums of the schools to participate in the clinic workshop. In Chiguajante, we visited a local elementary school to support strength training lessons and participate in children's exercise classes to motivate the children to join.

・People from the regions of Osorno, Baldivia, and Santiago, having experience in volleyball for about 10 years, played a crucial role in assisting the volleyball clinic, public relations activities, and summoning participants.It was a great success in each of the cities, and we were able to make a great contribution to motivating the participants including which were students. In addition, many new connections were made at the clinic workshop, and we were asked to come again in the future.

・In a very poor area, a school in Chiguajante was difficult to secure an environment where even exercise could be done, but we were able to convey different cultures to children and the reason for the exercise.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Local Contacts :

-It was very easy to understand and there were some viewpoints and methods of technical lessons that Chile did not have, so I learned a lot.
-I want you to come to Chile again.
-I felt that it would be a great motivation for the children who were playing volleyball under the trainer who did not know much about volleyball instruction and that it would lead to future volleyball.
-While some children are addicted to local drugs, it may be an opportunity for them to become interested in volleyball even a little and continue playing sports without taking the wrong direction in life at a young age.
-Some children go to mental hospitals or left their homes, the clinic was very beneficial to the students as they enjoyed the clinic very much, and their behavior was greatly improved.
-Next time, I would like to cooperate with the Chilean Federation.

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