【Zimbabwe】Seminar for the Spread of Sports for People with Disabilities

Time Period
8th to 18th Oct., 2016
Harare, Zimbabwe
Sport/Programme Category
Wheelchair basketball, Wheelchair tennis, Parasports
Japanese Paralympic Committee (JPC)
Recipient Organisation
Daniko Schoo
Zimbabwe Paralympic Committee
Embassy of Japan in Zimbabwe
International Exchange Fund
Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers
SFTC Secretariat
Japan Wheelchair Basketball Federation
Japan Wheelchair Tennis Association
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
270 people
The Japan Paralympic Committee (JPC) sent instructors to the Danico School in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Paralympic Committee to hold a comprehensive training course on sports for people with disabilities (co-sponsored by the Japan Foundation).

JPC dispatched four wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis instructors to the Daniko School, which is promoting inclusive education, and held a practical training course.
The two basketball instructors are former national team players who participated in the Paralympic Games four and three times. The tennis instructor is a professional tennis player who has won the Wimbledon World Championship in Wheelchair and the director of Japan's wheelchair tennis team.

On the final day, we held the Wheelchair Tennis Japanese Ambassador's Cup and the Wheelchair Basketball JPC Cup. We have selected nine promising athletes who have high physical ability and a strong will to participate in the Paralympic Games. The selected athletes will share training grounds, competitions, and coach information with the Zimbabwe Paralympic Committee and work to strengthen them.

We also provided explanations and tours of parasports to other students with disabilities. Under the arrangement of the Sports for Tomorrow Consortium Secretariat, we provided sports uniforms and flying discs provided by private companies and competition organizations. Wheelchair repair workshops and parasports workshops will also be held to improve the environment for independent and continuous parasports in Zimbabwe.

This was the second training session in Zimbabwe, but last year's training session was inherited, and we were able to confirm the results of the one-year practice of para-youth athletes. The attitudes of Paralympians and proven parasports instructors have influenced people and reminded them of their great educational value to young people. I would like to focus on promoting and revitalizing parasports by many valuable human resources in the parasports world.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Organize :

Daniko School, Zimbabwe University students, para-youth athletes, coaches, and teachers evaluated the course as a driving force for a new movement in Zimbabwe's society for people with disabilities and the education and sports world. We received a request for continuous training. In particular, the Zimbabwe Paralympic Committee has used it as "Road to Tokyo 2020" to strengthen the player power of Zimbabwe. The Japan Paralympic Committee wants to promote Sports for Tomorrow together with people involved in sports for people with disabilities.

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