The 6th TAFISA 2016 Gateball Tournament

Time Period
5th to 12th Oct., 2016
Jakarta, Indonesia
Sport/Programme Category
Japan Gateball Union
Indonesian Gateball Association
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Approx. 270 people
(Indonesia 240 people, Thailand 20 people, Singapore 10 people)
This competition was held in two classes, a five-person system, and a two-person system, with participation from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan.

Japan participated in two teams in a two-person system but lost in the qualifying. Japanese athletes were able to reunite with the people who participated in the Thai international exchange program held in February and deepened their exchanges with the Indonesian people. In our spare time, we held a gateball class, exchanged opinions on simple technical guidance with Indonesian and Thai teams, and provided beginner guidance to the volunteers who participated, expanding the circle of friendship.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Organizer :

A team from another country asked us for a practice match. Some countries also wanted to participate in Japanese gateball tournaments.
Those who played gateball for the first time could experience the fun of gateball. Many people wanted to continue practicing and participate in international competitions.

The 6th TAFISA 2016 Gateball Tournament1
The 6th TAFISA 2016 Gateball Tournament2