【Brazil】Tag Workshop held in a Kindergarten

Time Period
2nd Sep., 2016
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Santana
International Onigokko Association
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
13 people
(Total 95 people including Japanese participants)
We held a tagging workshop at two kindergartens in São Paulo and Santana. The workshop consisted of two parts, a seminar, and practical training. The seminar was aimed at parents and kindergarten teachers and taught them the effects of playing tag, which originated in Japan, on the development of children. In the practical training, Mr. Keisuke Osaki, a second-class licensed instructor certified by the Tag Association and a member of the Yamanashi Sports Tag Federation, held a tag class for children to enjoy playing tag.

At the seminar, we taught not only the effects of tagging exercise but also sociality and communication skills. In the Q&A session from parents, they learned the importance of playing tag while taking up issues such as early childhood education in Brazil. We arranged it so that children could play in a small space, and tried to do more movements while communicating.
The children enjoyed playing with various tags, and the classroom became a place where smiles never stopped.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Participant :

There are similar exercises in Brazil, but there are few theoretical efforts from the perspective of development and training. Children have less chance to play outside, so I was happy to see them playing. I would like to see a program for improving the physical strength and communication skills of Brazilian children.

【Brazil】Tag Workshop held in a Kindergarten1
【Brazil】Tag Workshop held in a Kindergarten2
【Brazil】Tag Workshop held in a Kindergarten3
【Brazil】Tag Workshop held in a Kindergarten4
【Brazil】Tag Workshop held in a Kindergarten5

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