【Kenya】GSA Dream Camps, Nature & Sport Training Camps 2016

Time Period
8th to 19th Aug., 2016
Nairobi, Kenya (Kibera slum)
Sport/Programme Category
Global Sports Alliance (GSA)
Sadili Oval Sports Academy
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
300 people
Global Sports Alliance, Inc. (GSA) held the GSA Dream Camp "Nature & Sport Training Camps" in Nairobi. The camp is led by the local Sadili Oval Sports Academy, supported by the GSA and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). In addition to improving sports skills through intensive training, it is also characterized by conducting environmental education programs such as leadership training, tree planting, and cleanup.

This camp is aimed at children who cannot access sports due to living conditions in developing countries. Enlighten more than 10,000 children in the Lagata district of Nairobi (mainly the middle class), the adjacent Kibera district (the largest slum in Kenya), and the Manyata region of Kisumu (low-income zone). Educational programs such as sports activities, tree planting, and cleanup are being developed to raise awareness of the environment and serve as a model for other children in the community. This time, we also conducted a power generation experience using a human-powered generator using a bicycle. It was also broadcast on the news of the local TV station.

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Feedback from Organizer :

Comment from GSA Staff Mr. Katsuya Otsu, Tokai University:
The program has been successful over the past decade and has contributed significantly to improving competitiveness and inspiring young athletes. The Sadili Oval Sports Academy's long-term program of sports training for children, environmental issues, and other educational activities has been introduced as an example of the most successful sports initiative in East and Central Africa.

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