The 14th Sanix Cup International Youth Football 2016

Time Period
17th to 20th Mar., 2016
Uzbekistan, South Korea, China
Sport/Programme Category
SANIX Sports Foundation
Japan Football Association (JFA)
Kyushu Football Association
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
400 people
Our basic principles are the healthy development of young people through football, the spread and improvement of competitiveness, and international cross-cultural exchange. 
This is a tournament where 16 teams from various categories such as U-17 Uzbekistan National Team and other overseas teams, U-17 Japan National Team, domestic high schools, and J-League Youth will meet together.

Since the tournament venue and accommodation facilities are located in the same facility, athletes can communicate with each other and interact with each other's culture by living together.
Participants interacted at a welcome party, and overseas teams also held events such as experiencing different cultures while sightseeing in Fukuoka.

See below for the Japanese version.

Feedback from Participant :

Comments from U-17 Uzbekistan National Team:
Being able to play against teams of various categories, including the U-17 Japan National Team, was a reward for gaining a lot of experience. The facility was also adjacent to the dormitory and the ground, it was substantial and I was able to concentrate on the competition.

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