【Benin】First UNDOKAI with Children in the Republic of Benin by JICA Volunteer

Time Period
31st May., 2017 (Preparation period: Feb. to May., 2017)
Mono Department, Benin
Sport/Programme Category
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Member: Kiko Nishiguchi (Primary school education)
Recipient Organisation
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
Approx. 530 people
At the elementary school where JICA volunteers were assigned, the time allotted for physical education is extremely short due to lack of time and lack of understanding of the necessity. Therefore, we decided to hold physical education and UNDOKAI to raise children's self-esteem, cooperate with their peers, and experience a sense of accomplishment. About 500 children worked hard and enjoyed it. I felt that we were able to propose future physical education initiatives because the event was held mainly by local teachers.

Each grade from 1st to 6th grade performed one or two events. The contents are the same as UNDOKAI in Japan, such as typhoon eyes, horse fights, and stick pulls. UNDOKAI was the first experience for children and teachers, and as they practiced, they understood the content and showed aspirations. We encouraged local faculty members to take the lead in managing the moderator and setting up the venue. As a result, everyone worked hard on the day and fulfilled their roles. I was able to teach that UNDOKAI contributes to the growth of children.

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Feedback from :

At the beginning of proposing UNDOKAI, teachers were not very supportive because they had no experience and it was difficult to imagine, but it seems that teachers gradually developed a sense of solidarity and responsibility through the hard work of the children. The Benin teachers worked as hard as their children, and it was meaningful for the teachers to come up with ideas for management and to create their own events.

【Benin】First UNDOKAI with Children in the Republic of Benin by JICA Volunteer1
【Benin】First UNDOKAI with Children in the Republic of Benin by JICA Volunteer2
【Benin】First UNDOKAI with Children in the Republic of Benin by JICA Volunteer3