【Djibouti】Gymnastics and Soran Bushi Presentation by JICA Volunteer

Time Period
6th May. to 26th Jun., 2017
Sport/Programme Category
Soran Bushi
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Member: Yuki Tanaka (Physical Education)
Recipient Organisation
Fukuzawa Middle School
Number of Individual Beneficiaries
110 people
Schools in Djibouti do not have school events like in Japan. Together with the PE teacher, we planned a presentation of gymnastics and Soran Bushi by students in the upper grades. Through the practice, the students have grown significantly and have been well received by the parents and teachers who visited. As a result of our efforts, we were honored to act in front of the President at the 40th anniversary of Djibouti's independence.

Through physical education events, we worked to strengthen students' abilities such as "cooperation," "patience," "effort," "achievement," and "keeping time." When I first showed the video to the students, there were various reactions such as "I can't do this!" "Cool! Looks fun!". Students experienced difficulties and rigors while empowering them to overcome and continue playing the sport. The children who showed the results of their practice in front of a large crowd had a sense of accomplishment.

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Feedback from Local Contacts :

Comments from local PE teacher:
I was able to see the children grow up through acting practice. Local teachers thought the Djiboutians could only do this, but the volunteers did not compromise and believed in the students' abilities and continued to practice. Through this activity, I realized that if we all overcome things that we cannot do alone, we will be able to achieve wonderful results.

【Djibouti】Gymnastics and Soran Bushi Presentation by JICA Volunteer1